We want to change the way you look at burgers. Here's how we plan to do it!


Liberty Burger uses what we believe to be the best ground beef available in Dallas. Our single-herd grass-fed beef is minimally processed without stimulants, hormones, or unnecessary antibiotics. It is a unique blend of never-frozen tenderloin, chuck, and brisket, and has unmatched tenderness.

cow icon

We use grass-fed wild buffalo that live, feed, and breed in Texas and Oklahoma. They are also raised without antibiotics, stimulants, or hormones and their high protein meat is lower in fat and calories than beef or chicken. With almost zero cholesterol and high values of essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, bison is a seriously lean and savory meat.

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Grown by the best, GAP certified farmers in Texas, our chickens are raised in open-air environments with no hormones, stimulants, or unnecessary antibiotics. Our chicken breast is all-white meat, and never frozen, proving that the burger is no longer defined by beef.

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All-white and minimally processed, our Turkey breast is virtually fat-free, delicately seasoned, and perfectly moist. Try The Libertine and see why it's been named "the best turkey burger around."

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Veggie Patty

Liberty Burger's vegetarian recipe of wholesome ingredients make our veggie patty a unique burger experience. We combine the freshest in-season veggies with select seeds and grains, and make fresh patties in-house every single day. After all, a vegetable burger should be just that – a vegetable burger.

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The Bun

Liberty Burger is proud to support a locally owned artisan bakery that delivers our custom bread fresh every day. Their traditional baking methods produce what we believe to be one of the best breads in town. Their brioche, cracked wheat, and organic Hippy Pullman bread have no preservatives and are made from the finest available American ingredients. And gluten-free folks, we have you covered, too.